Samwa® Aloe Vera

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If you’re not using soap with aloe vera, you’re missing out. There are many aloe vera benefits for the skin you should know about, and aloe vera soap is a great way to experience some of them.

Aloe Vera Benefits for the Skin
  • Aloe Vera is Anti-Inflammatory
  • Aloe Vera is Super Moisturizing
  • Aloe Vera Helps Promotes Wound Healing And Keeps Your Skin Looking Young
  • Aloe vera is full of antioxidants
  • Aloe vera is antimicrobial

All Samwa® products are made with natural ingredients that are kind to skin and are enriched with Natural Oils.

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  • Coconut Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Palm Kernel Oil
  • Glycerin
  • Aloe Vera


  • 150 gm when packing.


  • 3 years from production date
The Best Thing to Happen to the Soap Industry: Adding Aloe Vera to Soap

With so many aloe vera benefits for the skin, it’s a no-brainer to put aloe vera in soap. It’s the perfect natural ingredient to add antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties to create an aloe vera natural soap. Not to mention one of the biggest aloe vera benefits in soap: its moisturizing quality.

Why You Need to Start Using Aloe Vera Soap Instead of a Moisturizer

If you choose an aloe vera bar soap that leaves your skin hydrated and moisturized right out of the shower, you can make sure you don’t end up with dry, thirsty skin. You can think of it as using aloe vera instead of a moisturizer…and we’ve got the perfect aloe vera soap for you.



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Samwa® Aloe Vera
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